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Student Volunteers

Student Volunteers Receive FREE IVECCS Registration

Please complete the following form and click submit if you want to be considered for an IVECCS Student Volunteer position. You may also download (see pdf link below) and fax the form to Donna at 210-698-7138Selections will be made in mid-late July 2011 and work assignments shortly thereafter, however, we will accept volunteers until we have all positions filled. If you have specific questions please contact Donna in the VECCS office at 210-698-5575 or by email at: donna@veccs.org.

VECCS will provide Complimentary General Registration for those students who work at least 2 half-day blocks (a block is an entire morning or an entire afternoon) as Room Monitors, Assistant Moderators, Operations Assistants, or work in the Information Booth.  (Once our office registers you, you will be able to add workshops, labs, order proceedings, register companions and sign-up for 5k run at your cost.)

We can utilize approximately 40 students, and selection is on a first come, first served basis. We will attempt to utilize students from every school from which SVECCS students apply.Priority for selection will be as follows:

  • Member of VECCS and SVECCS
  • Member of SVECCS only
  • Non-member of either, but volunteering

Should you not complete the agreed upon work schedule, you will be billed for Student Onsite Registration fees. A Reception for students, residents, interns and SVECCS Advisors will be held at IVECCS (date/time TBA).

Description of Duties

Duties will allow students to be involved in IVECCS while attending the lectures and Limited Enrollment Sessions (LES) they are interested in. generally, student volunteers are utilized in one of three ways:


Assistant Moderators / Room Monitors:

  • For Limited Enrollment Sessions (LES’s) monitor entrance into the courses (Labs, Workshops, and Discussion Sessions), take tickets for these additional fee courses; assist the instructor(s) if necessary with set-up, other miscellaneous tasks. Be at the session 30 minutes prior to start and remain 30 minutes after it begins.
  • For Core Lectures, assist the Moderator who has the responsibility for running the program in that room. Student volunteers will check badges of registrants to verify he/she is eligible to enter, assist with the lights, the sound, room temperature, the need for more chairs, etc. Students will assist the Moderator (i.e. while Moderator introduces the speaker, the student adjust the lights and monitors the entry of attendees.)

Operations Assistants:

Performing miscellaneous duties as needed to assist the Registration and Floor Operations Staff, such as answering phones, copying handout materials, assisting with room-set-ups, helping with registration, etc.


Information Booth:

Student volunteers working the information desk should plan to be there at peak times.  Check with Mary Stamp if you need further instructions.

2011 Printable Student Volunteer Application

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 * Note that assignments will be made in half-day blocks. Also, you cannot choose wet labs or offsite sessions.
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